12 January 2018

Keep The New Year Blues At Bay

Tips On How To Be Positive In January, SheIn style dress, Dalry Rose blog, fashion blog UK

January is the month when everyone tries to live their best lives and be the best versions of themselves. Social media is full of inspiration: your friends and colleagues are on a roll with exercise and healthy eating; dry January is in full swing; and the influencers you follow have started sharing their big plans for the next year - but not everyone is on the same page, and that's totally OK.
Personally I always make New Years resolutions and plans to make positive changes to my life in January. It feels like a new start, and an excuse to try new things, drop bad habits, and set goals. Since starting my own business, I always make sure that I have a Christmas break to recharge my batteries and gain inspiration - this year I did a digital detox which was much needed and did me a world of wonder. But coming back to reality can be daunting - so I wanted to share with you a couple of tips which will help me keep on track to a more positive, better organised, and healthier year!

Tips On How To Be Positive In January, SheIn style dress, Dalry Rose blog, fashion blog UK
Tips On How To Be Positive In January, SheIn style dress, Dalry Rose blog, fashion blog UK

1. Remove toxicity. And this goes for all aspects of life - toxic food, drink, environments, and people. I did not realise what a huge difference to my attitude and productivity food would make: I cut down on anything processed, dairy, and gluten - now I feel more energetic and can put this into being more productive! I have also massively cut down on alcohol and this contributed to bags of energy and a better outlook. And as hard as it may be, if you know you have toxic people in your life you need to address it. Life becomes less dramatic, and you feel better not having to face negativity on a daily basis. I now have positive and like-minded people in my life and I'm happier - we cheerlead for each other and support each other, instead of bringing one another down and creating unnecessary stress. Brutal, but very true.

2. Get a diary. I love written diaries and planners - I physically cannot cope with my days if my diary is not on me! It's a great way to keep track of what you're doing and where you're going. I recently bought my new 2018 planner and it has weekly schedules, to-do lists, goals, and notes - all which I use to keep track of what I'm doing.

3. Group together. If you set goals with your friends or family members, you can all help each other stay on track along the way. I figured out that some exercise, like running, I like doing solo - but bouldering is more fun with a buddy! Same as exploring more around the Hampshire area - my best friend and I love going to National Trust sites so we got a joint membership and plan to make the most out of weekends and day trips this year!

4. Be a YES man/woman! Say yes to new things, new styles, new food, new experiences. With common sense of course! I started this in 2017 - I said yes to doing the most terrifying experience of my adult life and that is to go on a course to tackle my phobia of flying. I did the course, and then I said yes to going on holiday to Mallorca. Again, I was terrified but had the best time of my life! The same with style - I found myself in a little run in 2017 where I just hid behind plain clothes and for some reason thought I couldn't wear pretty dresses because I wasn't confident in my skin. Instead, I forced myself to wear styles I loved but wouldn't usually try - like this gorgeous polka dot dress! I have seen similar styles on Instagram but thought I couldn't get away with such a low cut and short skirt - but when I put it on, I thought I looked rather cute. What do you think?

5. Don't compare yourself to others. It can be hard to sit and scroll past Instagram accounts of influencers who get jetted off to the Maldives; or have the best 4-pack a girl can have; or even seeing friends who are married, with kids, big houses, and a salary which is more than comfortable. The key is to never compare yourself against others - compare yourself against yourself. You are your only competition. Trust me, the moment you stop comparing your life and success against others - you'll quickly become a happier and more positive person.

Tips On How To Be Positive In January, SheIn style dress, Dalry Rose blog, fashion blog UK
Tips On How To Be Positive In January, SheIn style dress, Dalry Rose blog, fashion blog UK

These are just a few things I always refer to when I'm feeling a little blue - they help me keep a positive mindset and on track. Just take each day as it comes, and have fun along the way! And remember that if you are feeling a little down, it helps to talk to a friend or relative who can help boost your mood and give you advice.

Here's to an amazing new year full of positivity and happiness!

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Fashion Photography by Heidi Bawden

*Some of the items worn in this post have been gifted by SheIn for collaboration purposes.


  1. Love this dress! I have a wrap around polka dot one and it doesn't look nearly as good as this. Also, I'm definitely aiming to be more of a yes woman this year too xx

  2. I wish I read that before the January blues hit me :D I always compare myself to others and this must stop, your list of changes is basically mine :D
    Adore the Shein dress, you are looking as sexy as always <3


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