22 March 2018

Dreaming Of Paris

When it comes to traveling I'm a tricky person: I have travelled in Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia from the ages of three until I was 15, when my family rooted in England and I developed debilitating panic attacks which for years stopped me going to the next city, let alone across the world (read more about my journey with panic attacks and how I managed to overcome them here). I'm slowly tackling the anxiety of travelling by visiting more places in England, Scotland, and Wales (Ireland is on my hit list this year!) but there is one place I have always wanted to experience and that is Paris.
Some of my favourite things to indulge in is food (especially cheese!) and wine - now I have heard that France has plenty of both to experience whilst sitting outside and watching people go past. But it's not just the romantic element of Paris and it's streets that I want to experience - the catacombs are world famous and a place to visit before you die. Guided tours are available - I'm not planning on getting lost at best for three days or at worst meeting my maker in the tunnels! But the legends and history surrounding the catacombs are of huge interest to me.

Dreaming Of Paris Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, style blog, Hampshire blog
Dreaming Of Paris Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, style blog, Hampshire blog
what i'm wearing: dress SheIn* // beret TKMaxx // boots Primark // bag Chanel // watch* Kartel

Of course there are historic and cultural marks like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre-Dame de Paris which need to be ticked off the list. But there are also numerous food and flower markets - I don't know what it is with me, but I love markets... Especially food markets, or antique markets! Talking of which there is a great market in Winchester when it comes to boutiques and antiques, I think it's on the first Sunday of every month if you want to check it out.

Now, I totally appreciate planes for me are a nightmare which makes travelling slightly longer and perhaps more expensive - last year I jumped on a plain to spend a gorgeous two weeks on the Balearic coast in Mallorca but the journey there and back, especially back, gave me night terrors and for a good month I couldn't sleep. But what is perfect in this scenario is there is a boat AND a train that can take me to Paris in a matter of hours, and I can spend a beautiful weekend in a city which has been on my wish list for years. With that in mind, 2018 is the year I'm going to Paris.

Dreaming Of Paris Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, style blog, Hampshire blog
Dreaming Of Paris Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, style blog, Hampshire blog

Whether I have to do a Carrie and spend the weekend in Paris on my own eating croissants and sipping red wine; or do a group trip I'm excited either way. So far I have been looking at AirBnB to stay at and logistics of how to get there without stress - I'm fully aware I'm probably going to have some sort of panic attack on the way there as being in new surroundings creeps me out (thanks brain!) but I'll never be able to venture further afield without taking shorter trips first.

So, what are you recommendations for Paris? Where else do I have to visit? Where to eat? Where to drink? I'm dusting off my pink beret and getting ready to pack a suitcase this side of summer (finances allowing!) but definitely in 2018. If you have been to Paris send me a comment and let me know where your favourite places are!

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