4 May 2021

Life Update 2021

Fashion and lifestyle blogger walking on the beach

As I sit down to write this update I'm looking at an updated interface of Blogger - this is how long it's been since I last sat down to write a post for you! Although I've been updating and growing my Instagram account where I've been chatting to you about how my business and personal life is growing and developing, I missed this corner of the internet where I have more space and time to talk to you.

So, what's been going on in the past year? A lot! It seems like yesterday I shared my working from home tips to help those of you who weren't sure how to stay productive whilst staying at home. Well we didn't expect lockdown to last for a whole year, and life has been hard to navigate through. You'd think I'd have more time to sit down and write blog posts staying at home 24/7 but in reality, my business boomed in the first lockdown here in the UK which kept me very busy - so much so I actually hired my first freelance social media content executive who worked with me on client accounts so we could keep up with the demand! Everyone wanted to take their business online which meant Dalry Rose Digital was blossoming helping small business owners create websites and make sales through social media and digital marketing. Dalry Rose Styling, however, went on hold for a whole year as I wanted to firstly of course follow the government guidelines and stay at home, and I didn't want to expose myself or my clients to any potential threat of the virus. Thankfully, Dalry Rose Digital pulled me through, both of the businesses survived the pandemic and now we're on the other, much brighter side, I'm taking new bookings for both of the brands - how exciting!

Lifestyle and fashion blogger in light conservatory surrounded by herbs

Of course we also had our new puppy, Jess, who we adopted in Christmas 2019 who needed my undivided attention as a growing stray rescue - I spent time getting to know her, teaching her, reassuring her that I'm her forever home and will never leave her. We lost our old boy Harvey just before the first lockdown - a very sad and heartbreaking, but not unexpected event. Losing Harvey is still hard to think and talk about - he was such a huge part of my life, and if it wasn't for Jess jumping at me in the morning to go for a walk I think I would be a mess for a lot longer. The little stray rescue guided me through my grief and gave me a reason to look forward to the days again, even though I was hurting. In just a year, Jessica has grown to be such a gorgeous, caring, kind, funny, playful and snuggly little monster - we look forward to exciting days out, travelling the country, and snuggling her all day long. You can follow our adventures on Instagram where she has stolen many hearts!

Collie cross pointer dog standing in the middle of a lake in Hampshire

I took the time in lockdown to grow personally, work with a couple of coaches on areas I was lost in and needed a little bit of guidance (mindset, fitness, and business) - personal growth and wellness was a priority. Something I have realise in lockdown is what people have told me for many years - my schedule was unsustainable which is why often I would 'burn out' and have to take a break for one or two weeks which were mainly spent sleeping and resting. I am the boss of my life, and it turns out I wasn't a very good boss to myself - I neglected my wellbeing in honour of the 'hustle' culture, forgetting the reason I started my businesses was to live a wholesome, mindful life, achieving happiness all around. And yes it took me a whole YEAR to develop healthier habits, learn how to practice manifesting and mindfulness, and then put it all into action. I also took development courses in digital marketing and business to ensure I was at the forefront of knowledge when it came to one of the industries I work in, and learnt how to define myself as a business woman (leading a multi-hyphen career, or multi-hyphenate - more on this in another post!)

We did also take a little time to travel when we can - from Scottish Highlands to Cornish beaches. It was lovely to explore more of out favourite places! Definitely more on national travel this year - I don't think I'll be braving overseas just yet, let the situation calm down even more...

Travel blogger standing on the edge of Loch Ness in Scotland losing at a rainbow

I tried many times to sit down and update my blog but I simply didn't have the words or the motivation. It was hard to write when some days I was coming from a mindset of panic and sadness at what was going on in the world, or fear and anxiety which sometimes took over, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. I have come to live by the words "The universe has your back" as told by Gabrielle Bernstein - and I trust that there was a purpose for this break and that was for me to come back stronger. Come back more creative. Come back with a mission, a mindset, and words that will inspire, educate and empower you. 

Fashion blogger standing in a Hampshire countryside field looking at the sunset

That's it - this is me putting the wheels in motion to kickstart my lifestyle blog and make a promise with the universe that I want to write again, I want to create again, and more importantly I'm ready to continue my journey as a blogger bringing value to my readers and creating content which is valuable to you. With that in mind, as always I welcome you to leave me a note in the comments and let me know how you've been and what did you miss from Dalry Rose? What would you like to see more of? Like me I'm sure your world has changed so I want to ensure I'm writing things that you want to read and would find useful!

Love, Lana x 


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